Welcome to the world of animal feed additives

Welcome to the world of animal feed additives

Feed additives are used to enhance the quality of feed for the animal and thus improve animal performance and health.
Feed additives provide a particular effect in a relatively concentrated form, such as Vitamins of animal or vegetable origin, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

It can be used at natural stage or in a processed or concentrated form.
Feed additives can only be introduced on the market with legal and governmental authorisation received after scientific evaluation declaring that there is no harm on human, animal and environment. Indeed, strict environmental protection policies have to be implemented.

Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies

Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies provides professional technical supports to its customers around the world with the mission of meeting new challenges in providing sustained solutions for modern livestock production and productivity improvement. It strengthens and secures as well food safety for consumers.
Thanks to the application of innovative technologies and to a strong research and development team, the company is now the third market leader in Carotenoids worldwide. Furthermore, it is progressively gaining brand awareness and market position in the feed business with its active natural 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol-glycosides.

Regional Distributors

  • Fatago Asia Pte Ltd.
  • Jahn Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Nutritec International Sàrl.
  • Wyreside Products Ltd.

Latest News

Herbonis acquires Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies

Herbonis acquires Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies

Bringing together scientific know-how and market expertise

AUGST and GENOLIER, Switzerland - April 12, 2018 — Herbonis AG, pioneer in developing natural products supporting the vitamin D functions acquires its long time worldwide distributor Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies Sarl (FAT). Herbonis wants to advance the market presence of its unique natural, plant-based Panbonis, which contains the metabolic active form of vitamin D. The deal includes 100 % of equity investment from Herbonis. Terms were not disclosed.
This investment combines FAT’s great expertise in applied nutrition and global presence with Herbonis’ extensive scientific knowledge regarding the influence of vitamin D metabolism on animal welfare and performance. This acquisition allows both companies to expand their scientific and market capabilities to meet customers’ needs around the world. Indeed, they pursue the joint mission of growing the sales of Panbonis and its product range.
FAT’s successful distribution and partnership network will be strengthened and further developed to make Panbonis available around the globe.

The acquisition of FAT represents an opportunity to accelerate growth, an investment in both companies’ future and the expansion of our product portfolio. Together we can develop new products and applications for different animal species as our customers are looking for natural, efficient and sustainable solutions” says Rätus Böhlen, chief executive officer of Herbonis. “Panbonis is one of the most promising products on the market to optimize livestock conditions. As the product is completely natural it can be used in conventional but also in organic farming.
Robert Aebi, former owner of FAT: "This acquisition allows the company to pursue and accelerate its development strategy. Bringing closer FAT’s strong market network and Herbonis solid research background, it benefits from further production and development capabilities. FAT, its distributors and especially myself, are very pleased with the company’s achievements, and are looking forward to the next chapter of its development with even more cutting-edge, practical and effective solutions for all our customers worldwide."

About Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies (FAT)
FAT was created by Robert Aebi in 2004 and is now a very well establish company in the feed industry and recognized as a top-quality additives provider on the market. The mission of FAT consists of meeting new challenges in providing sustained solutions for modern livestock production, animal welfare and productivity improvement. As a vision, FAT is continuously developing strategic products at the state of the art technologies allowing to maintain its dynamic business growth, its key position on the market and to keep ahead of the feed additive industry evolutions. FAT has a global market outreach in more than 50 countries thanks to worldwide operations with integrated network of sales offices, local agents and distributors. Headquarter is in Switzerland and its affiliate company is located in France.

About Herbonis AG
Herbonis AG was founded in 2001 in Basel, Switzerland as a life science company specialized in the development of natural substances for human and animal health by three scientists supported by a network of experts and venture capitalists. The idea was to develop natural products based on a wild plant containing the metabolic active form of vitamin D (1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol-glycosides) in order to support bone health in humans and animals. Since then the plant raw material is cultivated on a commercial scale and contains a high and standardized active content.
In 2017, the human health division was split-off into a separate organisation called Herbodee. Herbonis now focuses on animal nutrition and has introduced new market strategies for its feed applications.

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