Welcome to the world of animal feed additives

Welcome to the world of animal feed additives

Feed additives are used to enhance the quality of feed for the animal and thus improve animal performance and health.
Feed additives provide a particular effect in a relatively concentrated form, such as Vitamins of animal or vegetable origin, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

It can be used at natural stage or in a processed or concentrated form.
Feed additives can only be introduced on the market with legal and governmental authorisation received after scientific evaluation declaring that there is no harm on human, animal and environment. Indeed, strict environmental protection policies have to be implemented.

Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies

Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies provides professional technical supports to its customers around the world with the mission of meeting new challenges in providing sustained solutions for modern livestock production and productivity improvement. It strengthens and secures as well food safety for consumers.
Thanks to the application of innovative technologies and to a strong research and development team, the company is now the third market leader in Carotenoids worldwide. Furthermore, it is progressively gaining brand awareness and market position in the feed business with its active natural 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol-glycosides.

Regional Distributors

  • Fatago Asia Pte Ltd.
  • Jahn Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Nutritec International Sàrl.
  • Wyreside Products Ltd.

Latest News

New Catalogue of Feed Material published

New Catalogue of Feed Material published

FAT is proud to announce that Solanum glaucophyllum is now listed in Regulation EU 2017/1017 as feed material with the following entry:

Number: 7.15.1
Name: Waxy-leaf night-shade meal
Description: Product obtain by drying and grinding the leaves of Solanum glaucophyllum
Compulsory declarations: Crude fiber, Vitamin D3

See Official Journal of the European Union (L159 - Volume 60) published on 21 June 2017:

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