The mission and vision of FAT is deeply reflected and shared by its partners. Indeed, key aspects of the feed additive business such as high quality, safety, reliability and traceability are definitely values that are recognized and specifically applied by Juyuan Biochemical and Herbonis.

Moreover, FAT has selected its partners for their strong research and development capabilities allowing both companies to be always one-step ahead on a technical and legal level.

The FAT team is regularly visiting its partners, JYB in China and Herbonis in Switzerland, to know best about latest production process and new implementations.

Juyuan Biochemical's Co., Ltd

FAT is an exclusive European agent and distributor for the world leading Chinese company Guangzhou Juyuan Biochemical's Co., Ltd, fully in line with the European legislation of feed additives regarding quality systems and product traceability standards. JYB uses the cutting edge technologies and is always looking for the state of the art production method. This allows them to meet the latest legislation and reach high standard of product quality. JYB is market leader in China for carotenoids and reaches the 3rd places worldwide. This market position is definitely a demonstration of the commercial success the company has built over the years.


Herbonis Animal Health Ltd

FAT is also exclusive world distributor of Herbonis Animal Health Ltd in Switzerland for its natural source of vitamin D. Herbonis is a life sciences company dedicated to support bone health in humans and animals with substances of herbal origin. The company endeavours to make a significant contribution to animal welfare with biologically active natural compounds. Its product are GMP+ certified, GMO Free and Swiss made.